Monday, May 23, 2016

Sound Evolution Playlist 5-21-2016

Black Bombay - Space Lullaby - Black Bombay
The Spy From Cairo - Prince Ahmed - Arabadub
**Mexrissey - Suehead - No Manchester
**Leon Larregui - Locos (Karax Remix)
Virus - Luna De Miel - Locura

DLD - Todo Cuenta - Primario
Conjunto Nuevo Ola - Via Lactea - Chido Chido
**Mssingno - Scope
**Tourist - Run 
Maduk - Never Again

Intern Bruce Taylor's Playlist

the growlers-feelin good
willow and the embers- skelotons and bees 
joshua james- queen of the city
willow and the embers- foxgloves

the abigails- ooh la lay
the growlers hula hula hideout
the growlers underneath our palms
lucinda williams- bus to baton rouge
west coast pop art experimental band- i won't hurt you

the growlers- salt on a slug
andrew st. james- no hurry
big star- till the end of the day

lucinda williams- fruits of my labor
willow and embers- anatole over paris
the growlers going gets tough

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